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 La Cascada BBQ


Whole Chicken - Pollo

  Whole BBQ chicken served with rice and vegetables $ 13.99     

Half Chicken - Medio Pollo

  Half chicken served with rice and vegetables $ 8.99

Pork Ribs - Costillas de Cerdo

  pork ribs served with vegetables $ 13.99

Mixed - Combinado


Beef,Pork.Ribs.Chicken,Sausage, srved with rice or salad

( Serves one)    $ 20.95

( Serves Two )  $ 35.95


Entries - Platos Fuertes


Paella Valencia

  Traditional Spanish dish chicken,chorizp,lobster tail,clams mussels,scallops and shrimps served over saffron roce $ 19.99


Paella Marinara

Tradional seafood dish with lobster tail,clams,mussels,scallops and shrimp served over saffron rice
$ 19.99          




  Lobster tail,clams mussels , scallops and shrimps served with your choise of green , red or white seafood sauce. $ 19.99

Red Snapper - Pargo Rojo Entero

Whole red snapper briled or fried , served with fresh vegetables and green plantain patacones.

$ 19.99

Grilled Salmon - Salmom a La Parrilla

Crille salmon with vegetables and potatoes

 $ 15.99

Ribeye Steak 16 oz

Grilled ribeye steak finished with a peppercon au poivre, served with garden vegetables and potatoes.


Pollo Francaise

  Grilled boneless chicken breast served with a white wine,lemon sauce and a side of pasta $ 13.99

Pollo La Cascada

  Grilled boneless chicken breast topped eggplant , roasted red pepper and goat chese in a homemade brandy sauce served with saffron potatoes $ 13.99

Pollo Rollatini

Grilled boneless chicken breast stuffed with ricotta cheese and fresh basil served with a promodoro sauce and side of pasta.

$ 13.99



Flour tortillas , sauteed onions, peppers,guacamole,sour cream, salsa,yellow rice and black beans.

your chice of:

Chicken   $ 12.99

Steak       $ 13.99

Shrimp    $ 15.99